Havok Heavy Red Fashion Show

The lovely and talented Jinxy invited me to come to a fashion show for Heavy Red that was being held at Havok, Houston’s goth nightclub. Pretty girl asking me to do something and I’m unable to deny her. And if it involves other pretty girls and taking pictures, why would I?

The show was suppose to start at 11 PM, so we got there about 9:30 hoping to meet some people and pass out some business cards. The place was dead at 9:30. Lucky for us – us being the Mrs and I – our friends Marc and Heather were coming to. They arrived soon after us and we hung out together for the next 3 hours. The fashion show didn’t happen until Midnight and the club had a lot more people there by then.

Didn’t have AC though. Apparently someone stole the coils out of their AC unit. Go figure. So it was hot. Luckily we got a booth in front of a fan and weren’t too hot.

I’m not a good one for working the room. OK I suck at it. So I gave 1 business card to a cute girl, but that was it from the model perspective.

I did see Phillip Warner aka Lithium Picnic working shooting the models, and when I noticed it was no longer shooting I went over and introduced myself. We talked for awhile about his gear getting stolen. Then Apnea his significant other came over and needed him so we had to stop talking. Seemed like a nice guy.

Ran into him and Apnea after the show and talked some more. Gave him my card, and told him about my new studio Houston Skyline Studio which we plan on renting. Didn’t talk to Apnea much and chickened out on asking her to be in my latest project, the Goth Swimsuit calendar.

I realize I mentioned a couple of things in passing that deserve their own blog entries. I’ll get to that.