Writing an Online Model Profile

This entry is from my series: A Photographer’s Guide To Models.

Been cruising the online modeling sites today and can’t help but write something about profiles. By a profile I mean the actual text that goes with your portfolio.

Here’s a few bad things.

Saying you only want paid work when you have a crappy portfolio. There is only one area of modeling you are going to get paid work with a webcam portfolio – porn. And not softcore or nude porn, nope we’re talking hardcore. You might be able to get some bondage work – I’ll let you decide if that is hardcore – but you aren’t getting any other kind of work.

Tell us your life story We don’t really care about where you grew up. Actually we don’t really care that you’ve always dreamed of being a model. That’s nice, but it too isn’t relevant.

Saying you will only do TFCD with professional photographers. This one is close to OK. What you really want to say is you only do TFP with good photographers. Or the nice way to put that is, “I am currently only doing TFP with photographers that will help my portfolio.” And you don’t really get to say even that with a webcam portfolio. If that’s what you’ve got you should shoot with some amateur photographers, they are better than webcam.

Here’s a few good things.

Admit your new and want to build your portfolio via TFP Photographers won’t think badly of you if you have a webcam portfolio and admit is sucks. In that case just make sure your portfolio has a decent shot of your face and a shot of your body, preferably in something like a swimsuit. And don’t process the images. They are their for documentary purposes.

Tell us what you want to shoot. Let us know the kind of things you want to do helps a photographer what to expect.