CHL Hero


Via Hell In A Handbasket: The story of a guy with a CHL that was shot 5 times trying to stop a shooting spree in a Mall. Now he’s in a wheel chair probably for the rest of his life.

He doesn’t think he is a hero because he failed to shoot the guy even though he had him in his sights. I’m not sure you have to succeed to be a hero.

And it makes you think about what you’d do in the same situation. My thought was “Do you give someone who has a weapon a chance to drop it, or do you just shoot them?” From an ethical viewpoint you think it is needed to give them a chance. From a tactical POV it is very dangerous.

I had a friend when I was a teen that was a Houston cop. He told the story of a training exercise he was in. In the exercise he ended up in the situation where both he and the assailant had guns pointed at each other. At that point they said it was over, because the best you could hope for was both of you were going to be shot. Even if you shot him, he’d have time and ability to shoot you back.

Seems in this case he didn’t. He was shot 5 times without shooting someone he had in his sites. I wonder what we can learn here.