Models Rant

So James was jealous because I had 7 models to shoot with in Vegas. The reason you schedule 7 is because a number of them are going to drop out.

I lost 1 because I had to change the schedule when the hotel wouldn’t let me shoot there. That was reasonable. I’ve lost 2 this week because they got paying gigs. Still reasonable, though a little annoying.

I’m canceling one on Friday because she misrepresented herself. She hasn’t responded to my latest emails, which would be reason enough, but I go to her Model Mayhem portfolio yesterday and there is a picture of her 6 months pregnant. Don’t you think she should have let me know that? I even have a project shooting pregnant women, but I expect to know before I show up.

One I still haven’t heard back from because she wanted to shoot something other than swimwear/lingerie. Which I was cool with because she had contacted me before I decided that was what I wanted to shoot. Anyway, the hotel told me I couldn’t shoot, so I need a new location. I don’t live in Vegas. I have no idea where to shoot. So I told her I’d still shoot with her, but she needed to find me a location. Haven’t heard from her since. Oh, well.

So now I’m less than 36 hours from leaving and have 3 models firmly scheduled. I’m going to send out a few more requests, but this is short notice now.

UPDATE: The model I thought was pregnant just emailed and canceled on me. And she isn’t pregnant. She just posted the picture yesterday, but she had the baby 5 months ago.