MySpace Apple Store Story


Last week before going to Atlanta you may remember my computer was in the for repair. On Thursday night it finally came back and I had to go to the Apple Store in the Woodlands. This is a fairly large Apple store. Bigger than the one in the Galleria.

There are apple computer’s all around the parameter of the store and a few tables in the middle. Almost all of these computers had a teenager at them – including my two. After I got my computer one of my boys was in the bathroom and we were waiting on him. I decided to walk around and see what all these teens were doing on the computers.

Of the probably 20 teens in the store, only my son didn’t have a web browser open to a Myspace page. Even the couple that were playing with PhotoBooth or iChat AV had a browser window open to something on Myspace.

I knew Myspace was big, but this kind of freaked me out.

Take it for what it is worth.

As an aside, I’ve told this story a couple of times in the real world, and it still took me almost a week to tell it on my blog. What’s up with that?

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