Best of the Best 2 Premiere

Well it’s over. I’m on the plane back to Houston from Atlanta and I just finished watching the DVD of the show. My great fears of being made to look like a creep were way over rated. I really didn’t have a ton of screen time, but all of it was pretty positive. And my images got a lot of screen time. Especially the ones of Alexandra and Gelensia. Which once again goes to prove you never know what others will consider a good image.

I did notice a lot of photographers were using camera flashes, which kind of surprised me. And there were a LOT of great images.

I’m excited. Which kind of surprises me. I have a better understand of what I can do and what I was competing against. Drunk Hensel guy is an asshole and it even came across on the show, which was a little surprising.

While there I got to see Robert Sanders again and we talked about the next workshop he’s doing. It is in Detroit in May. He’s teaching a day of photoshop and lighting, Mary Dupree – whom I met and who does great work – is teaching a day on how to work with models and how to produce images agencies want to see. These are all the things I want to learn. It’ll be a little pricey and I’ll have to add airfare and hotel, but I think it could really take it to the next level.

I have an internal battle over whether I’d do BOTB3. There are only two reasons I would. One to get back on the horse that bucked me. It was hard and gave me a knock back in confidence. But I can’t let it beat me.

The second is I like being a star. I liked having a premiere party for a show I was in. I like telling people I was on TV. I like seeing even the back of my head on the video. I’m pretty sure this is vanity, but I can’t help myself.

And I don’t want to be a portrait photographer, I want to be a commercial and fashion photographer, with some fine art thrown in. Any exposure on a national basis I could get would make that better.

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  1. shelli says:

    I’m glad it went well! I knew it would. 🙂 You’ll have to tell me the details later. I hope you guys had fun and I hope Suanna felt hot in her dress! hehe

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