People With Power


People with power don’t have to get angry. They make decisions.

This is quoted from Tyler Perry quoting T. D. Jakes on the Treatment.

This immediately made me think of the opposite. People without power get angry. I already knew frustration leads to anger. (And anger leads to hate, and hate to the dark side…sorry couldn’t stop myself). I find that true in my life, that when things are out of my control and don’t go my way I get mad.

What is in your control and what you have power over is often in your head. I have a tendency to take the blame for things going wrong. Because then it is my control. Even if I screwed up, I had the power, and I’m not as mad.

For example, I know the struggle that faces me to become a professional photographer. There are a lot of people more experienced than I, better connected, with all day to do the marketing etc needed to succeed. I could say the system is against me. It’s a losing battle because nothing I do will change things. But that is putting all the power in the hands of the “System”. (Maybe what the Bible calls “The Prince of this Earth”). Instead I think I’m not succeeding because I haven’t gotten good enough. I haven’t taken the next steps. I haven’t put the work into it that I need to.

Now that may indicate I suck, but at least it is now in my control. I can work harder. I can learn more. I can do the next thing. And I don’t have to get angry.

Just a thought for the morning.