Cover of a Magazine


I shot the cover of a magazine the other day. At least I believe I did. The art director sent me a first draft of the cover. I’ll of course post when it comes out.

But it made me think about something. I’d like to shoot better and more experienced models. Actually I’d like to got to local modeling agencies and shoot with some of their models. And knowing I could get them a cover tear in a national magazine targeted at independent filmmakers, could open some doors.

But I don’t want to promise something, even though I can deliver, to strangers. I told some of the models I’ve shot with before about it, but didn’t add it to any of my online portfolios. Because I don’t want to be perceived as one of these creepy liars who promise magazine covers to new models in order to get them naked.

I think I might use it when the first cover actually comes out. Then I can show it, and they will know I’m not lying.

And I don’t want to promise to shoot these covers with a model I’ve never met. Never shot and don’t know if they will show up or be good once they get there. So they will have to shoot with me before I’ll even consider them.