More S3 Observations


Last week I had four shoots and I’m learning more and more about new S3.

One thing that really struck me was it does really well with the low key dark stuff, and not so good with the high key white stuff. I actually think this is because of the wider dynamic range, which is really at the low end and not the high. So it is good at pulling detail out of the shadows. But that isn’t what you want when you are shooting something light on a white background. But this is fixable if you think about it. You can turn dynamic range off, which I need to remember to do when I change to white seamless.

Another negative thing is that RAW is so slow it is almost useless. I was shooting a law firm last week in their office and decided I wanted the flexibility that RAW gives. First I get 19 pictures to a 512MB card, which ain’t much especially when you only have 3. Second, it takes almost 15 seconds to write to and from the card. And you can’t replay until it is done writing. I was trying to show the client what I’d shot and we kept having to wait for it go get done. I finally gave up and switched to JPG. The only issue I had there was now I have to do color correction in PS, which I’m not real good at.

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