iPhoto Print Consent


I’m developing a photography service for by budding photography business which will ultimately deliver to the client on of iPhoto’s really cool books. So today I did a little research to see how long it would take to get the book. Pretty quickly. The book takes 5 days to print and you can have it overnighted to you after that. So under a week.

I have heard that if the pictures look professional, Apple will stop processing your order and contact you and make you fill out a form stating you are the copyright holder. This would be a pain and delay the order. So I wondered if you could just fill the form out in advance and not have it held. After much searching and a little Googling of Apple’s site, I found page stating you’d need to fill out the iPhoto Print Consent form, but not giving it to you. Gave Apple feedback on that. Then I used Google to search for this form, now that I had the official name. And here is the URL


Interestingly I did a Google link search to see who is pointing to that form, and found no one is. Mmmm…

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