Photography Wish List

So after ordering my lights the Mrs mentioned I have a birthday coming up the 14th and what would I want. So here’s my ultimate photography wish list from most expensive to least.

“Fujifilm FinePix S3 Pro” ($1,844.94). I really like my Nikon D70, but the S3 is the next level. It has a sensor unlike any other and a really nice black and white mode.

Alien Bee Vagabond Power System 150 ($349.95). This would let me shoot anywhere with my lights.

1 more Alien Bee B800 ($279.95). In iPod white. I’ll have three of these next week, but I can use 4.

Wireless remote system for Alien Bees.($199+$129) This lets you not have to have a cord from your camera to the light. AB’s system is a little bulky. Hensels was much better.

“SanDisk 512 MB Ultra II CompactFlash Card”($49.95)

The rest of the set of Honeycomb Girds. I ordered the 20º grid. They also offer a 10, 30, 40. ($29.95 each)

“Tiffen 67mm UV Protection Filter” ($25.99)

A Lens Cleaning Pen ($14.95)