Stupid RX-8


I was on a roll. I was going to get SO much done this morning. I had a list. One of the things was to go put very expensive tires on my RX-8. While waiting for that I was going to do a bit of shopping in the area of the tire store. Call the tire store, make sure they have the tires and make a appointment for 9:30.

Go out to the car, book, iPod, to do list in hand. Move Mrs car from behind mine. Get in a turn key.

No go. Turns over but never catches. Crap. I know what this is, and the only way to get it running is to tow it to the dealer. I mean Mazda pays for it and they will provide me with a loaner, but I have to wait for the wrecker. Probably have to wait for the rental car. Crap!

They say they are going to replace the spark plugs – which they did last time – and the starter and the battery. Hopefully this won’t happen again. I also need to get in the habit of letting the car run for 10 seconds after I start it before I start going.

I’ve got two shoots today with friends. One is at 1 and I’d like to have done my shopping by then. We’ll see.

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