What I Got For Christmas


My wife gave me the two wireless microphones, so now I really have to shoot this movie.

I also got the special edition Sin City DVD. It has a whole disk of special features, including a 15 minute flick school, and the whole movie in green screen sped up.

I also got the two disk package of “Desperado / El Mariachi”. Two more flic schools and behind the scenes stuff. Can you tell I’m more interested in the behind the scenes, than the actual movie? I like the movies, but love the behind the scene’s stuff.

I also got a three Japanese blade set. They are full tang, but the handles are a little ugly. To me they look like steak knives, with square simple wooden handles. I’m going to look up how the Japanese wrap the handles. These weren’t a Christmas present, even though they were on the list. There is a place about 10 miles north of Kingwood on 59 that sells swords on the side of the road. We stopped there on our way out of town and the Mrs didn’t want me to have another birthday present. I didn’t want to wait to get them till my birthday, January 14th, so I just bought the set.


  1. riverbelle says:

    are you still accepting comments here?

  2. Ron says:

    Yes, though they are moderated and I’ve been out of town.

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