Gonna Get A Flash


I keep getting asked to shoot events. If you are going to shoot events you really need more than the on camera pop up flash of the D70. Well this coming weekend I’m going to shoot a 65th wedding anniversary and I’m getting paid. And that pay will buy me an off camera flash.

Doing a quick bit of research I find that the Nikon SB-600 is the one to get for the D70 and my needs. Now I must decide what if any accessories I need. Ken Rockwell’s review suggested a diffuser and since it is only $16 I will probably do that. Now do I need one of those fancy arms that you mount a flash on to really move it off camera? And what about a cord so I can hold it out while shooting?

You know I can get by without them, so I think I’ll just get the flash.

Interesting aside. I once ordered something from Adorama – I think it was a zoom lens – and they had someone call me the next day and attempt to up sale me. It annoyed me. So the next time I needed something I ordered via Amazon because they wouldn’t call me. Of course I was really ordering it from Adorama, because that is who handles Amazon’s photography stuff. Tonight while writing this I was searching on Adorama and then using ecto’s Amazon link generator to generate the links to Amazon. That’s what Adorama gets for being annoying.