VoodooPad Trial


I’ve got three major projects I’m working on at the moments. I had a system I was using with TextWrangler and a bunch of text files to keep track of what I needed to do with each. I also had some important tracking numbers in text files as well.

Today I was reading Gus Mueller’s blog and realized I was creating a wiki, just the hard way. He has a product for MacOS called VoodooPad, that is a self contained wiki. So I downloaded it and am trying it out. I created an index page that has links to individual projects pages, to idea pages, to notes pages. Converting from my old system was easy and if I have the pages drawer open looks a lot like my old TextWrangler based system. But now there are links in the documents. I get rich text, and I can add things to the documents other than text.

We’ll see how it goes over the next few days.

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