Things I Need to Get Done.

Boy this is a personal blog and I’m sure none of my readers will care much about this list. But it will remind me of what I need to get done.

Get 11×14 prints made for portfolio. Before Meet and Greet this Sunday.

Take CHL renewal class this month.

I need to get to done this month so DPS has enough time to get me processed before it expires in January on my birthday. First thing I need to do is find out when it is available at the various places that offer it. Then I need to commit to one of them. I’d kind of like to take it at a range I haven’t been to, so I can get a feel for a new place. Then I’ll need to go to the range and practice.

Create at least 1 new website/business this month.

This is probably be the site my friend and I are buying. Haven’t gotten email responses from him this week. Going to have to resort to the phone soon.

If this one falls through, I’m thinking of an image hosting site.

Burn a CD for John from SSLV

I’d do it right now, but I don’t have a blank CD. Then I forget when I get home.

Overcome my current Ruby on Rails problem.

I’ll do a separate post on what that is.

Some lesser things I should to do.
Clean some dead domains out of the webhost
There were some test blogs I created that need to go away. As well as my cooking blog.

Do some fashion shooting
I’ve got three models in the que who want to shoot with me. I want to do some fashion and lifestyle work. I’m also thinking I’ll change my TFP model release to allow selling prints and maybe selling stock.