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Ran 6 miles Sunday morning, the longest I’ve ever run. 1:37 was my time. That didn’t include warm up, 5 minutes, or cool down, another 5 minutes.

It was long, but I felt pretty good through the whole thing. I was using Mittleman’s intensity system and ran it in the MEP zone, which is 115-135. Not really sore today either and I wasn’t totally wiped out yesterday either.

I bought a FuelBelt on Friday and wore it on the run. The version I bought was the 6 6oz bottle version. And when I got home I thought it hadn’t been enough fluid, but when I took off the belt I realized I hadn’t used the two bottles on the back. I wasn’t able to tell what was full and what wasn’t. Think next time I’ll use the back first, since I can’t see those.

Another important thing I discovered this weekend. I’ll quote me below:

I used to think runners were skinny because they ran fast.
Now I think runners run fast because they are skinny

The weight you carry determines the speed you run. The less you weight, the faster you can run. It’s obvious now. Your intensity has to go up when you are carrying more weight.

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  1. Suzi says:

    Isn’t a 10K longer than 6 miles? Or was your 10K so foreshortened because of the miscalculation that it wasn’t that long?

    Not that I’m not amazed you ran 6 miles. I am. I’m still working on getting up to two miles.

  2. Ron says:

    10K is 6.4 miles. I figure my 10K was 3/4 of a mile short.

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