Yet Another Reason Dreamhost Rocks.


DreamHost had some problems last week when LA had power outages. Its the first time I’ve ever seen them down of any significant amount of time. But that’s not why they rock.

From the DreamHost Blog:

Just a reminder… we’ll be sending in our matching-your-donation thing for Katrina soon. So far we’ve received $11,612.09 from 198 contributors, meaning we’ll be donating at least $23,124.18 to the Red Cross.

So, if you’re a DreamHost customer, time is running out to contribute (double) to a real disaster via our “Home > Charity” area.

Also, if your billing address in our system was in a zip code affected by Katrina (according to a list at we gave you a free year of web hosting to hopefully give you one less thing to worry about right now.

Did people ask for this free hosting thing? Not that I know of, they just did it.

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