Bones Review


Watched David Boreanaz new show Bones the other night. For you non-Buffy/Angelites, David played Angel on those two series. FBI Special Agent Seely Booth is his new chacter.

The Good:

Was a pretty interesting cross between and CSI type show, regular detective show, and a futuristic sci-fi show. I liked the characters and there were a number of really funny moments.

When Bones demands full access to the investigation, Booth responds, “Ok, your Scully to my Mulder.”

One of the other characters is being ignored by a guy at the airport she is trying to get arrival information from, so she rips open her shirt. The guy stares up at her chest dumbfounded. Behind her Bones walks up and says, “I hope you tried excuse me first.”

The Bad:

The sets for the anthropology center were freaking huge. Everything seemed to have been shot in some corporate atrium. I’m sorry but these would be dingy little labs.

Stupid holographic display. That sent it into the future Sci-Fi realm for me. They could have easily, and realistically, used a regular display with 3-D software. They could have even but it on a 65″ plasma display that would have fit on the big ass sets.

Angel references.

At the funeral the priest is reading the Prayer of Saint Francis, which is one of my favorite songs from Buffy. There was a little continuity problem there. He starts reading the beginning when he’s on screen. A while latter, after a lot has happen in the funeral, he’s in the background and still on the next line.

Booth says at the end of the show “I killed a lot of people when I was a sniper. I’d like to solve that many murders.”

Bones: “You don’t think there is some kind of cosmic balance sheet do you?”

This was Angel’s motivation through two series. As a soulless vampire he’d killed a lot of people. When he got his soul back he was working to make up for all he’d done. (We’ll leave a discussion of the theology of those statements for the moment.)

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