Dayna Delux

Haven’t done a model of the day or woman post in a while. Also realized today I’ve never done a post on one of my favorite “internet” models, Dayna Delux.

In a network full of big busted blondes, Dayna stands out for a number of reasons. Of course her look is classic 50’s pinup. I know of no other model that so personifies this genre.

Here’s some stats and links for her:

Height: 5′ 1″
Weight: 100lbs
measurements: 32-23-33
BMI: 18.9

Model Mayhem Group, Personal and blog

She also stands out because she has the most awesome, pure, flawless skin I’ve seen on any model. And it isn’t just in her portfolio pictures, which we photographers spend a lot of time making perfect. No its even in casual images on her myspace blog.

I was going to shoot with her at one time. I sent her a message on OMP telling her I was a fan and if she was ever in Houston I’d love to shoot with her. She replied and said she’d be in town for Live Fast. But alas she wasn’t able to make the con this year, so we didn’t get to shoot.

And it gets worse. She’s moving to California. She was in Dallas, but we’re losing her to the left cost. I’m sure she will do much better as a model in the entertainment capital of the world, but I’m still very sad.

I hadn’t noticed here height until I sent the link to another photographer when I got all excited about her coming to town. I was inspired and wanted to do a pixie shoot. She’d be perfect a perfect Tinkerbell.

When I saw the image at right I was inspired to shoot something different.

There’s a famous painting of a high stiletto heeled shoe, with the heel coming down in the middle of a tube of paint and the paint is squirting out the tube. For some reason this image made me think of doing a variation on that. I wanted to take a candle, soften it, sick the heel in so it would bend and be “squished” in the middle. The end with the wick would be sticking up. Let the wax set so it would be hard again. Then I’d have Dayna step on it at the shoot. And light the candle. I thought it would look cool with the flame tattoos on her ankles. Maybe shoot it low key on a black background.

This picture to the left I really liked. I’ve tried with two of my models to get them into this position, but they haven’t been able to do it. We think it may have to do with there actually being something under her in front, so her head is actually up a little, and not at the same level as her knees.

But the shoot never came to be. And now it probably never will. *Sniff*

Since I have no images of my own of Dayna, I used some from her site. If any of the photographers want them taken down, let me know. I’d also be more than willing to add a link to your site.

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  1. Blaine Moore says:

    I can not see any of the pictures in the post; I get 404 errors.

  2. Dayna says:

    Hey there honey! Thank you for this sweet bio. You’re a dear. Please take care of yourself.

    Dayna DeLux

    ps…. There was nothing under my head in that picture. Just thought you would lke to know.

  3. lorrayne says:

    hi was look at things to do with dayna thought you might to take a look at my pics on my space hope you like them as much as me and i have more where they came from

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