Donna Adams Kidney Transplant Fund


On Saturday night the Mrs and I went to a fund raiser for a woman in our church who needs a kidney transplant. I’m going to attempt to get her site a little higher ranked in Google by finding people to link to it.

Donna Adams Kidney Transplant Fund

The url is

If you would like to help you can actually donate to her transplant fund on that website. It is being managed by the National Transplant Assistance Fund, which specializes in this kind of finance management. They also providing some matching funds to people who receive a certain level of donations and pass on any unused funds to others in the case someone dies before they’ve raised the necessary funds. It also tells you that your money isn’t going to some individual that might not be trustworthy.

If you are in the Houston area and like to play golf, there will be a charity golf tournament September 27th.

If you aren’t a golfer but want to make a donation follow this link and find Donna Adams entry area.

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