Why I’m not getting anything done.

Since I’m going to the anime con this weekend I decided I needed to watch some Anime. Actually it started before than when I was going to shoot these two cosplay girls. And I used their list to put some anime in my Netfix que.

“Chobits – Persocom (Vol. 1)” (Morio Asaka)

The only two I kept up with were Chobits and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Neon is a little and Chobits is kind of cutsey. But I can’t stop watching Chobits.

There are lots of innuendo and open references to porn. The main character is Hideki the quintessential nice guy. And his persicom – Chi. A Persocom is an android, almost always female. In Chi’s case she doesn’t have the normal programming and has to be taught everything, just like a child.

But there is something secret going on. Chi is way more powerful than a Persocom should be. Its the mystery that has kept me interested.