This weekend I’m shooting at an anime convention here in Houston. One of the most important things about a good picture is that you need a good background. If I want to be able to shoot pictures of cosplayers, you need a neutral background. In my studio I would use seamless, so I thought I’d do that at the con too. But the bar my seamless is on is mounted on the wall.

So I decided it was time to buy a portable background stand. I went looking around, and the cheapest prices were on eBay. There was one really cheap, but I like the look of the Amvona stands. I wanted the three roll version, but didn’t want to spend so much. I bid on and won this one.

Always remember to read feed back, and the fine print. The fine print says they take 5-7 days to ship your product. So I won last Tuesday and they still haven’t shipped. The feedback says they are slow to ship and screw up orders.

I went to their site and used their feedback procedure to ask what I could do to get it shipped sooner. Over a day later they responded, on the site, with no email notification, that I could call them. I called, and no one answered and they finally sent me to voice mail. They said to leave your name and number and they would call you back.

They didn’t.

Called back today and talked to someone that pointed out they don’t ship for 5-7 days on eBay orders. But she also couldn’t find my records. So now I’m again waiting for them to call me back. If they really wanted to wow me, they’d over night it to me. But the cost of that would outrageous on something so heavy, probably as much as the stand itself.

And of course the worst thing is I now have to figure out how to use seamless or something for the con Saturday. šŸ™