BOTB Picture of the Day: Alexandra

If you know me you know I have a thing for red heads. I’m married to one. I’ve photographed a lot of them. So when I saw the BOTB line up I was excited to see one red head in the bunch. That redhead was Alexandra Sullivan.

Alexandra was probably the smartest model at the competition, majoring in the Philosophy and the Aesthetics of Sexuality. She’s also going to be in the Lingerie Bowl during this years Super Bowl.

She is a bold one. Her homemade bikini was something to behold made primarily of stocking material. And she and I had the most interesting exchange when picking wardrobe.

Me: “I’ve got this grass skirt and some lays(sp?)”

Her: “OK, I’ll wear my bikini bottoms.”

Me: “Good wear a bikini.”

Her: “I don’t need a top if we’ve got lays.”


Me thinking: OK I’m not going to argue with you.