Best of the Best:End of Day 1


So it is the end of the first full day of the Best of the Best 2 contest and workshop. Is 11 PM, I just got back from the bar in town they took us to for a party. I have a splinting headache. Maybe I should have drank more.

I’m tired, it was a long day. I woke up early. We had a party till midnight the night before but I was up at 7 AM. Our class on Photoshop started at 10. I was lucky enough to meet Robert Sanders who was teaching the class before breakfast and ate with him and we talked about PS. It was cool to here about how he does work flow.

We learned some great stuff in class as well. Which is good because I’m going to need it. We started shooting with models at 2. The pace was hectic and I’m really not happy with the images I got. I was able to shoot two of my planned shoots in the planned locations and they went very fast.

The first model was Kerriana and she is gorgeous. I shot her in a tiny one piece green swim suit. In front of curtains on stage, some cool backgrounds, and other things. But my exposure was off and there was quite a bit of camera shake, so I’m not thrilled with the pictures I got. Should be able to get 15 or so for her.

My second shoot was with Renee, a hard bodied brown haired beauty. I have talked with some of the people from the resort about shooting inside one of the nicer restaurants that is normally closed during the day. I got to lug the lighting equipment, which it turns out was pretty heavy.

We got some nice stuff, but I’m not really thrilled with it right now. She looked at some of the image in my camera and loved them. Which helped my ego, but I don’t think they look as good full size.

The last shoot was with Geslecia and was pretty much a disaster. The sky clouded up and the light disappeared, so there weren’t really any way to shoot well with natural light.