Tri Training Start


So I’m officially training for Jeff & Brede’s Intergalactic Triathlon. I didn’t use their training program because I found it totally confusing. Instead I bought the book Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week by Eric Harr.

He has a little self evaluation test and it puts you into one of 4 groups. I’m in group two, which is for people who have some fitness but not a lot. The first two weeks are “adaptation”, meaning real easy.

Monday is a day off. I spent that evening joining the local YMCA, so I’d have access to a pool.

I’d bought a heart rate monitor last weekend, so I also decided to go for a walk Tuesday morning, just to try it out, even though it wasn’t on the schedule.

An aside about max heart rate.

In Harr’s book he uses the 220 minus your age method of determining Max Heart rate and then wants you to easy train (Zone I) in 50%-60% range. Well for me that is 90-108 BPM. I could barely do that walking. The book that came with my monitor says a light work out is 60%-70%. But it uses a different method to compute max.

Back to the training.

First day of training is 30 minutes in the pool in Zone I. I miss read it and thought it was 20 minutes, so that’s all I made sure I did. He said this session was just about moving around in the water. I swam a few lengths and found Zone I long gone quickly. I’d swim a length and let my heart rate drop some. He also wants you to focus on good form. I could do poor form for about 3/4 of a length then it broke down completely and I’d almost drown because I’d screw up breathing. I think in my next workout I’ll focus on how far I can go with perfect form.

I was worn out after swimming. And I had weird food cravings, I wanted salt. Chips would have been great, but we don’t have any. I ended up with saltine crackers and then I really wanted butter on them. So I did. I’ve heard if you have a craving for anything but sugar, you should listen to your body.

This morning was a 30 minute run. I ran my 2.25 mile loops trying to keep my heart between 120-130 BPM. It took 34 minutes, but when I got to 30 I was near home and wanted to see what my pace was, so I kept going.

The cool thing was I felt great. Felt like I could run forever at that pace. And I was hardly out of breath. HR came down to 110 almost as soon as a I stopped and was easing under 100 by the time I walked home. Legs never complained, lungs never burned. This I could get used to.

No more training till Saturday.