Model Responses Test


I need to shoot more so I’m attempting to contact more models. I just joined One Talent Source so I decided to do a little experiment. I’ve done a search of Houston models and I’m contacting a number of them. The experiment is to see what my success rate is.

So I’ve sent 11 requests in the last 3 days. According to the site, 2 have been read. Of those two I got one response. She said she was too busy for TFP right now.

The read stat may not be real accurate because the site sends an email, which might have been read, but not on the site, so it isn’t marked read.

I wonder what my success rate on OMP is?

I’ve sent 9.5 requests. The half is a complement I sent to a model (Dayna DeLux) out of my league, who I half heartedly expressed a desire to shoot with.

I’ve received a few requests for work, but either they wanted to be paid, or they didn’t respond to my response. There were 3 of those. I got one positive response and actually shot with Kristin easter weekend.

Maybe I’m not trying hard enough on OMP. I have a huge list of favorites in the Houston area, but have been a little chicken in contacting them. Enough of that, I’m going to contact 5 today.