Excalibur Faire

Last weekend I went to Excalibur Faire in Smithville. I wanted to shoot fantasy garb and have friends who work the show. One of them is Cat, who is the costume designer for the cast. She’s also the queen, and her husband is the king. And her daughter is actually their daughter in the cast, Gwenevere.

I’m happy with the shots I added to my portfolio. It took me a while to get them edited, but that helped me develop a workflow for processing a bunch of prints.

There were a couple of cast members I think would have worked great in the studio. Particularly the wood elves, and some of the belly dancers.

I’m shooting a couple of very beautiful models this Sunday. Hopefully we’ll do something that fits into that genre.

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  1. Deb Everett says:

    Hey Cat remember me? I lived in Smithville you stayed with me several days we wrote our names in concrete at the Store….I gave you me ears… How the blazes are you. I am the Ladyduel….

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