Its Not The Gear


Your Camera Does Not Matter by Ken Rockwell is an article I should read on a regular basis. Matter of fact I should read it when I’m thinking about cooking, or computers.

Note to Ron, new gear only improves convenience not quality. Education improves quality.

I wonder if this is true of things like makeup. The Mrs and I went to a makeup counter in the mall and spent over $200 to try some of the stuff in the Keven Aucion book. We ended up taking half of it back and we bought some stuff at Wal-Mart for a fraction of the price. But it was the knowledge in the book that improved the makeup, not the makeup itself. And I bet if we had used a makeup artist, she would have gotten amazing quality with Wal-Mart makeup.

If you are going to spend money to improve something, spend it on education, not gear. And practice what you learn.