Update on my fitness goals and program. I’m now on week two of the 5K prep program. I’ve run twice this week, so I’ve only got one to go.

I did all my running, push-ups and sit-ups for last week’s goal and am now the proud owner of an iPod shuffle. I’m not continuing the push-up/sit-up regime. Instead I’m focusing on running and resting. A runner friend from church has given me a couple of 5Ks to run and will run with me to keep me motivated.


I’m also conditioned to getting up at 7 AM. This morning I did it even though I hadn’t set the alarm. And I went to be a little later than I should have.

I was reading an article on sleep problems in Prevention magazine and one thing they talked about was having a sleep debt. It turns out you need a specific amount of sleep each night. This value varies from person to person. If you don’t get you amount, you have to make it up. If you are an hour under your need every night during the week days, you have a 5 hour debt on the weekend.

The good news is you can make it up. I think I had a sleep debt of a number of hours. When I decided to get up at 7 AM I also decided I had to go to sleep earlier. So I started going to bed at 10 PM. That gave me 9 hours a night. Which is more than I need, but I had a debt so it still seemed hard to get up. But after about a week of this I made up my debt and now it is easier to get up.