Fitness Test Results


The boys and I rode our bikes – with much fit throwing by my youngest – to the middle school and took the Presidential Fitness Challenge as promised.

Here’s the results for all of us:

Event Ron (40) Elijah (13) Micah (12)
Curl Ups (sit ups) 23 12 9
Shuttle Run 11 sec (approx) 14.1 sec 15.34 sec
Push ups 18 8 (knee) 10 (knee)
One Mile Run 15 min 49 secs 17 min 21 secs 20 min 5 secs

One of the boys was timing my shuttle run and messed up stopping so that is approximate.

Micah says he could have done full push-ups and well have him do them again at a later date. They are done 1 every 3 seconds which is a little weird.

I was pretty exhausted by the time we got to the run/walk. Shouldn’t have ridden out bikes the half mile or so to the test. And I was still recovering from being ill. Still I know I’m out of shape.