Hormone Update


Feeling really good today. Lots of energy. Got up this morning and went for a 30 minute walk. Then at lunch I went for another 15 minute walk because I needed to burn off some energy.

I also have less appetite. Reminds me of being a teenage, where I didn’t eat if I didn’t feel like it, and I was always thin. I’m sure some of this is from the testosterone and some is from being on South Beach Diet and not having sugar cravings.

I restarted Armour Thyroid this morning, and I felt it a little. My eyes felt hot, but nothing major.

I had lost my sheet explaining everything I’m suppose to take and as a result didn’t know I was supposed to take the DHEA in the evening. I’ve been taking it in the morning with my other medicines. I called the center and they mailed me a new copy. Now I’ve got it in the PM section of my pill box.

I never gave a detailed list of the supplements I’m taking, but basically I take the power pack, normally after a meal in the middle of the day. I’m taking some chewable vitamin C, about 1500 mg/day. I like see my pee go bright yellow to know I’ve maxed out what my body is using. I’m also taking a chocolate mint Calcium supplement, again about 1500 mg.

I should take a pro-biotic supplement, but haven’t. This contains the good bacteria that need to be in your digestive track. We have some I just haven’t added it to my regime. I’ll probably add it and 5HTP. Actually after reading the page I just linked to, I’ll probably leave 5HTP off unless I get some negative moods.

Melatonin is also on my list, but I’m not really having trouble sleeping. Only waking up. OK, I didn’t take it last night and had a little trouble getting to sleep, but I had less trouble getting up this morning. I’ll have to find a balance if I’m going to start taking it regularly.


  1. HunterGather says:

    Geez, your body is just one big chemistry lab for you isnt it.. Had you considered just eating a proper diet and exercising instead of ingesting vast quantities of manufactured chemicals, drugs and hormones.. The ramifications for you could be awful if just ONE of these cocktails your taking turns out to be another vioxx, celebrex, bextra, or any of the other long list of drugs that have resulted in huge numbers of deaths.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your heartfelt concern for my well being.

    If you’ve read much of this blog you will see that I have tried a number of plans including daily exercise, and a number of diets. But they haven’t fixed these problems. Including diets similar to the Paleolithic diet you promote.

    The hormones I am taking are not manufactured, they are refined from pigs. The list of supplements I take are also naturally occurring things.

    But in the end we all have to find what works for us. And right now this is working for me. All of our bodies are "big chemistry labs" and we each manipulate them daily seeking the results we desire.

    You probably need to work on your communication skills if you are truly trying to persuade me to come around to your point of view and stop this treatment.

  3. HunterGather says:

    Ahh refined from Pigs… thats natural.

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