On Sunday I gave myself my first shot of Testosterone.

Giving myself a shot

I may have screwed up and used the wrong needle. They gave me a bunch of syringes and a bunch of needles. The needles were 18 gage and the syringes 22 gage. I ended up using the 18 gage to give myself the shot. My best friend who’s a doctor said you’ll definately feel it if you use an 18 gage needle. (Like wire, the higher the gage, the smaller the needle).

And I did feel it. As a matter a fact the first time I tried stick the needle in it didn’t go in, so I had to do it harder. But I’m a man, it was just a pin prick either way.


So I gave myself the shot in the morning, but didn’t really notice anything all through church and lunch. But right after lunch it kicked in. First I started getting horny. Suddenly for no apparent reason. Like when I was in high school or college. But it was better this time because I was married and could do some about it.

After the Mrs and I energetically did something about it, I was still just pumped up. I wanted to do something. I did push ups to try and calm down a little.

We were having people over so I wanted to go to a new meat market about 30 minutes drive away. We drove over there and the whole time I was like “I want to run or something”. Turns out the market was closed on Sunday, and we just turned around and came home.

When I got home I went for a bike ride. It was weird. I’m not in the greatest of shape, so I really couldn’t go as long as I could in the past. But part of me was like “Let’s go, go, go” and part of me was like I’m tired, lets take a nap.

So I went 5 miles, and then took a 30 minute nap.

I was calmer most of the rest of the day. Though I did get the urge again and “did something about” mid afternoon. I kind of thought I might be having a reaction to it like I didn’t the Armour Thyroid, but I kind of like it.

Today I don’t notice any extra anything.