Armour Thyroid Reaction


I guess I should get a prize or something. I’m having a reaction to the Armour Thyroid. Heart rate is up to 90. Hands are shaking. Feeling lethargic. Those are the signs they tell you to watch for as you are learning your dose.

So I called the Hotze Health and Wellness Center and the on call nurse called me back. She said to stop taking the Armour Thyroid and add it back in last. If you have adrenal fatigue you sometimes can’t take the Armour to start with. So I’m taking nothing till Friday when I add the Cortozal for the adrenal fatigue.

Well except the supplements. I’ll make a list of what I’m taking and post it if I get the chance tonight. I forgot to bring the “power pack” basic set of supplements to take at lunch, so I’ll have to do that tonight.