My Cooking Blog

I’ve started a second blog dedicated just to cooking. So there won’t be any more cooking posts on Reactuate. I’m still looking for a name, but right now the blog is a sub-domain of reactuate.

One different thing about this blog is it isn’t on Nucleus. My oh so awesome web host, DreamHost, just added the ability to simply install WordPress on any of their sites. I went and looked at it and decided to go with it for the new blog to try it out. So far I like it. Set up is a breeze. Also I love having multiple categories on each entry.

I’ll probably move both of my boy’s web sites over to WP once I get more familiar with it. Whether Reactuate will go is a bigger question because migrating isn’t easy.

UPDATE: A name has been chosen: My Culinary Journey. Domain has been purchased, but I’m not sure it is working yet.