Gallery Up


My previous post on our trip to the Renaissance Festival has been updated to have links to all the pictures I mentioned.

After getting home from Puck’s I played some multi-player Halo 2 with the boys. Then I replaced the float in their toilet, and pulled the halogen bulb from the hall light that is burned out.

These are all things I’ve been putting off, but decided I’d rather get them done than play more Halo 2. Then I decided to install Gallery on my web host. It took a little doing, but it is installed and I’m exporting the Renaissance Festival picture from iPhoto right now. I’m telling it to down size them and it is taking awhile.

So I was thinking. What is a good snap shot pose? When you do something like I did with Wolfgang we struck this traditional side by side, arm around pose. And that is OK, but I wonder from a photography point of view if there isn’t a better pose. It probably also differs depending on the subjects. Obviously I could do a closer pose if it was a husband and wife, but you wouldn’t want to do that with a stranger Austrian chef.

Any way it was a thought and I’ll have to give it some more thought before our return to the Renaissance Festival this weekend.