I’m an old man. At least I feel like one today. Yesterday one of the guys in my small group at church mentioned there was a softball game that afternoon and I offered that I wanted to play.

I haven’t played softball ever and no baseball since I was in high school. But hey the Astros were fun to watch and I wanted to play. I was a little worried that throwing would bother my arm, or that I would have forgotten everything I ever knew and wouldn’t be able to throw or catch.

Well I was wrong. Throwing and catching were easy and I was actually pretty good at it.

They had me play catcher, which I’ve never done in my life and my quads are a little sore today.

I only batted twice, pop flying out the first time and getting an RBI the second time. When I hit the second one my left should felt like like it exploded. And it hurt!. I’m standing on first rubbing my shoulder.

We won. We were down 11-0 in the second, but rallied back in the 5th (and last) inning to win. We were considered the home team and the game was over when we scored our 11th run.

It was fun, but it showed me I need to start working out again. Of course I need to wait till my shoulder is better.