No TV this week?


OK its a little pathetic that I put the question mark on the end of that. If I’m such an addict I probably really need to do it. I’ve decided to give up TV this week. I did it last night, spent an hour walking with the Mrs. Went to the book store with her and the eldest. And then spent time in the media room – the room with our TV in it – interacting with one of those paper things. You know, what do they call them? Oh yeah, a book.

I used to be an avid reader. I haven’t read an entire book in years. OK that may be an exaggeration, but I can’t think of the last time I read a book from cover to cover. Last night I read a chapter from A Celebration of Discipline, which I’m wanting to teach a class on at church, before we went to the book store. I have old first addition and picked up the 25th anniversary edition at the book store. While there I noticed The Ragamuffin Gospel. I sat down with both of them intending to read the intros.

Ended up reading a chapter and a half of Ragamuffin – and skipping the intro. I decided to buy it. Turns out we already own it.

You know we own a lot of books I’ve never read. Maybe I should commit to reading more of the ones we have….

Here’s a public commitment y’all can hold me to. I’m going to read all of The Ragamuffin Gospel this week.