Long Time


Prepare for requisite post by blogger talking about why they haven’t blogged.

I haven’t had much to say and it has become very hard for me to blog at work so I haven’t. And I haven’t looked at my computer much after hours.

Turns out my last posted line was wrong. The Stros can be beat, just not at home. Oh well, they went further than most thought they ever would.

Interesting photos on yahoo today of mostly naked Latin women at the MTV awards for latin music. Definitely a different culture. I heard a hispanic advertising and marketing expert – herself a hispanic woman – answer a the question “Why are there scantily clad women in all ads for Hispanics?”

Her answer was that Latin women like the attention of men and dress to get it, and that is ok because it goes with the cultural norm that says you can look all you want but you can’t touch. And while white people think a woman’s skin exposure is directly related to her sluttiness, Latino’s don’t think they are correlated.

Update: Went to add this picture that was at the top of the most emailed and most viewed earlier and it is now gone. The picture was of Paulina Rubio from behind in little more than a g-string.

Right now I can’t find it anywhere else on the net, but it has to be there.