Tied Low Weight Today


This morning I tied my lowest weight ever 186.6. My previous weight summary post was obviously wrong. It said my lowest was 187.6 and then listed a low on BFL of 186.6. I think the 187.6 was during my daily weight records and didn’t include all my BFLs.

Anyway, this morning I tied the record. I weight a low as I have in at least 2 years and probably longer. Wow. I’m with in 7 lbs of my goal weight. And I wore my skinny shirt. One I bought when doing BFL. It is kind of lose which it wasn’t on BFL because I had actual muscle. I really need to get back to lifting, but I’m a little paranoid about gaining weight. Jeez I sound like a woman. I know body fat is what matter, not total weight.

Oh and this was the week after I ate badly over the weekend.