Wow. My cholesterol is down. I try to give blood at least once a quarter and I gave last Friday. I kind of always wait for them to have deal, especially one that involves a free t-shirt. Last week it was an Astros t-shirt. Whenever you give blood they check your total cholesterol and put it on their donor website.

Last time I gave it was 310, continuing an upward trend over the past year. This time it was 248, which obviously is much better. According to the American Heart Association it needs to be under 200, but you are borderline at under 240. Obviously I’ve still got a way to go, but its getting better. Of course this decrease has to be because of a lost 17 lbs and a significant change in diet for the last 8 weeks. If I get down to my target 279, hopefully my cholesterol will be in the healthy range.

I know I need to get my HDL/LDL levels checked, but I haven’t wanted to go to the doctor and get it done. Still probably should.