Thank God for Google


Today I got a request from a photographer to take down one of his pictures from the entry on Alla Velasco. So I immediately removed the offending picture. I just deleted it from the server, leaving the hole in the page. Then I added a line to to the bottom of the item explaining what had happen.

A little while later I go to the site to see something about this item.

And its not there. The whole item had disappeared.

I’m not sure what caused this, but I didn’t have a backup, as I don’t of most posts.

But Google did. I searched for Alla Velasco and Reactuate is the number two listing. I clicked cached page and there was my entry. I viewed source, did a little editing to remove Google highlighting, and I had my original entry back.

Written while listening to “Shut Your Mouth”
album Beautiful Garbage
by Garbage
Written while listening to “Ain’t Even Done with the Night”
album The Best That I Could Do
by John Mellencamp