A year ago


Now that I’ve been doing this blog thing for well over a year I decided it would be interesting to go see what what on my mind and blog 1 year ago. I changed a date and started reading through August of 2003.

Motorcycles and photography. Kind of interesting. Especially since photography is all I can think about this week. The story of my history as a photographer was one of the first entries.

And I still want a digital SLR. I want one real, real bad.

This Mrs and I were talking the other night and I mentioned it would be cool to have a plug in for the blog that linked to one year ago today. Of course that would take time to write, but its still a good idea.

Written while listening to “Toxic”
album In The Zone
by Britney Spears
Written while listening to “All Over You”
album Throwing Copper
by Live