Day 1


My first day on the new diet. For the first three days of the diet you can eat all of one meat type you want – I picked beef. You can eat all the raw green vegetables you want. You can eat 2 eggs. You can eat 2 oranges. You have to drink 80 oz of water.

I did all of that yesterday. I also rode my bike around 7 miles. I washed and was my new car.

I got up this morning and I had lost 3 pounds in one day. Which is cool even if it is all water.

I also feel like crap. I’ve got a headache. My stomach isn’t happy. I’m tired.

The Mrs. said she felt bad for the first 9 days. I’m hoping I have a higher constitution score than she does and will get over it sooner.

Soon the Mrs and I are going to Saltgrass for steak and salad.

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  1. aaron wall says:

    lots of dieuretic type diets can give you a massive headache.

    just for fun I was dumb enough to try the 48 hour diet thingie,
    but of course it did not work out too well…yuckie

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