Starting over again


My last fitness related post was 10 months ago. That’s the last time I really did anything fitness wise. I have tracked my weight almost daily since then. It has been heading north for awhile now. I’m at 205.3 this morning, which is as high as it has been since I started my BFL challenge.

So I’m going to lose some weight and I’m going to do some conditioning. Tomorrow I’m starting the same diet my wife is on. She’s lost 20 lbs in two months and they tell her guys lose it faster. And she hasn’t done any exercise during that.

I told my boys, probably a year ago, that they needed to either do a Martial Art or Boy Scouts. But I didn’t push them to do it. Now I think it is time to get back to that. So I asked which one they want to do. They both said a Martial Art. There is a Tae Kwon Do place just around the corner from us, which would be very convenient. But personally I think TKD sucks.

Opps strong opinion.

I took another Korean martial art, Kuk Sool Won. There is a school near us in Kingwood, and we’re going to go visit a class soon. The problem is they are probably kind of expensive. We’ll see.

That wasn’t really a distraction from the fitness post, because I’d like to take it again. But the reason I quit was I was spending too much time at the Chiropractor. I think I could lower my injury quotient if I put on some muscle first. I’d also like to have a little cardio capacity first.

So I’m starting a program this weekend. I want to avoid the super soreness I experienced last time, so my lifting is going to be very light for awhile.

Immediate goals:

1. Start eating clean.
2. Do one light full body lifting session.
3. Ride my bike at least 5 miles.
4. Wash and wax my car.

These should cause a sweat make me lose weight. I’ll check back on Monday with starting weights and measurements and maybe even pictures.

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