Well I just spent $822 to get my car fixed. And my wife’s car needs $1000+ in repairs at the dealer. We’re trying an option that may get it done for less.

So I’ve decided its time to get a new car or cars. It just seems there’s a point in the life of a car where you are putting a car payment’s worth of money into the car every month in repairs, so you might as well just get a new car.

I’d like an RX-8. I went and test drove one last night. But it is pretty expensive. We also looked at Dodge Caravans. Kind of the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Probably I should look for something cheaper, but I really want a sports car. There isn’t much in the low end that is sporty. I refuse to own a Mustang. I’m also not buying another Pontiac. So what does that leave?

Anyway it is all a little stressing. We had my car paid off and the Mrs car we planned to pay off by the end of the year. Now we may end up with two payments, which we don’t need. Oh well, it isn’t going to be decided today.