Making too much money


I was over at Steve Jackson Games and he had an entry about a comic artist that is willing to quit his day job if people give him enough money to make up a years salary. That amount is $22,000.

Hey I’ll quit my day job if you all will give me a years salary too. Unfortunately it will be over 4 times a much as his.

That’s what I meant the other day when I said I make too much money.

Of course I also have a wife and two kids, which this guy probably doesn’t.

On a side note I’ve decided I’m going to do a new kind of RPG. I’m going to write a business plan for starting a role playing game store. Its kind of like developing a character or game world. That way I can dream about in a structured way and not be taking it too seriously.

Written while listening to “Heavy”
album Doseage
by Collective Soul
Written while listening to “The Way It Is”
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by Bruce Hornsby