I’m in Arkansas right now visiting family and stealing internet from their next door neighbors’ WiFi. On the way here I was reflecting on my work life. I’m a little dissatisfied with work. It’s more work bores me than it bothers me. Though working conditions kind of suck. But I’m ten years into my career and I do alright financially, so it would be very hard to quit. Especially when you have two kids that are going to be going to college soon.

I was kind of feeling trapped. That my life was getting toward the end and I wasn’t going to be able to have much fun or freedom for the rest of it.

Then I got to talking to my Dad and he pointed out he was 40 – which is what I will be next year – when we moved to Kingwood and I started high school, which is close to where my youngest it.

My grandfather is 84. He’s been retired almost as long as I’ve been alive.

So it gave me some perspective on where my life is. Even if I spend a few years doing something I don’t really enjoy, I still have many many years to do stuff I do. I just need to focus on keeping myself healthy so I can enjoy those years

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