D&D Geek?

There is currently running a radio commercial for something that uses the voice of a geeky character, talking around a retainer, about his D&D game. The punch line is “Some things are better left in the 80s”. If find this offensive because I lived up to too many of those stereotypes.

One was playing D&D. Did it a lot in high school and kept buying the books but not really playing for a number of years afterwards. These days my kids read the books and kind of play sometimes with their friends. Mostly they just collect roleplaying game books, both D20 and GURPS.

But to break the stereotypes, it appears Vin Diesel is a big fan of D&D. My estimation of him just went up. I always kind of liked him but this makes me like him more. I’m also looking forward to his new movie The Chronicles of Riddick. I just re-watched Pitch Black and liked it. I especially like the muslim character. My favorite line was “There’s my God Mr. Riddick”.

Written while listening to “Lea”
by Toto

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