Its come time for me to endorse a candidate for congress in my newly minted super-republican congressional district.

I looked at all the candidates website and find they all agree on the issues. Kind of weird, now how to I pick?

I was going to go with Ted Poe, but I read an article in the Kingwood paper about his performance at a forum they gave recently. Poe was a rather famous judge here in Houston who gave interesting and appropriate punishments. He also used to go to my church, so I’ve know of him at least most of my life. Apparently a while back a story came out in the Houston Press that said he had an extra-martial affair.

Someone asked him to comment on it at the forum. He said he wasn’t going to talk about it and neither denied or admitted he did it. Which everyone takes to mean he did. But the real problem is that’s a politician’s answer. And all his followers got mad people even asked. Republican hypocrites. It mattered when it was Bill Clinton, but it doesn’t if it’s Ted Poe?

And do we really need another lawyer and career politician in Washington?

So I’m not endorsing Poe. So who else?

Hit the web. The other candidates are:

George Fastuca. He’s spent a lot of money on signs, almost as much as Poe. So he’s got lots of name recognition. But look at his resume. He was a VP of finance at Enron. Now that doesn’t mean he was crooked, and it takes some balls to admit it on your website. But come on.

Mark Henry is a buisness man, which works in his favor in my eyes. A veteran and a Baptist.

Andrew Bolton is another lawyer and a Mormon. And his web site is ugly and hard to use.

John Nickell is a former Marine, a cop and an arms dealer since the eighties according to the Observer. And he seems kind of pissed off about government as usual. So I’m voting for him. I’m kind of pissed about government as well.

I really can’t lose. All the candidates agree on the issues I think are most important. They are all Pro-Life. All Pro-Gun. All support Bush.

Written while listening to “Sample In A Jar”
album Hoist
by Phish